Travel Pics #12: Take a Bite Out of The Big Apple

The Big Apple in Colborne, Ontario

Did you know you can visit The Big Apple, without even leaving Canada? You can, so start spreading the news!!
Around 135 km east of Toronto, Ontario is the town of Colborne located in Cramahe Township. There you will find what the township claims to be The World’s Biggest Apple!!
According to the township, more than five thousand visitors drop by The Big Apple everyday. When I was there, more than five million pies had been sold…and counting!!

Ashaw and Mr. Applehead

At more than 10 metres high and almost 12 metres in diameter, you certainly can’t miss the big red apple, named Mr. Applehead. He sits proudly alongside Highway 401. You can climb all the way up the core to the top, to the observation deck where you can get an ‘apple of my eye’ view of Lake Ontario.
Even though Mr. Applehead looks ‘as sweet as pie,’ there is so much more to enjoy at this roadside attraction. This is the perfect stop to make on your journey no matter what age you are. You can play ping pong, enjoy a game of mini golf or take a train ride. All of the activities are free of charge. There is even a petting zoo with an assortment of animals to see.

Petting Zoo at The Big Apple

A Furry Friend

Now let’s get down to the real nitty-gritty. What about the food? Well…included on the Smokehouse Kitchen menu are a chicken wrap and smoked wings. At the Country Kitchen you can enjoy pizzas, wraps or anything in between. You can even get a grilled cheese sandwich with the ever-popular apple bread.
You can’t go to The Big Apple without trying the apple pie!! You can see for yourself how all the pies and breads are made because it’s all done right here on sight.

Pie Makers

Pie Filling

Piping Hot Pies

There are apple dumplings, apple crisps and apple bread puddings which are all made here too. Before you ‘peel’ away on your journey, take a moment to check out some of the products to purchase for your drive or maybe a souvenir to take home.

So Many Items…

I’m sure you will be able to find something at The Country Store which has an assortment of unique gifts. Don’t forget to check out the country markets, you won’t find a ‘bad apple’ here, only local food items like fudge and honey.

A Variety of Goods For Sale

When on a road trip and you’re in the area, stop by and ‘take a bite’ out of The Big Apple. There’s lots to see and do. So like I mentioned earlier…start spreading the news. And maybe even leave today. Don’t you want to be a part of it..?!?!
The Big Apple is open daily from 7:30am to 8:00pm 7 days a week.

The Big Apple

–Always Ashaw

The Big Apple
Cramhae Township