Jouns Just Like Mama Made at Mamajoun!

Ingredients for the Perfect Joun

Made fresh, made fast and affordable. That’s what you can expect when you place an order at Mamajoun Armenian Pizzeria located in Scarborough, Ontario. The Lahmajoun, also known as an Armenian pizza, is made with a thin crust. The dough is made and baked fresh every day and is also used to make the various Jouns.

Tasty Joun

Similar to a pizza, the folded flatbread sandwich comes in a variety of combinations such as the Zaatar Joun–made with Jordanian Zaatar which is a blend of seeds and spices mixed with olive oil. There’s also the Popeye–sautéed spinach and onions with Aleppo pepper flakes and sumac. I opted for Owner and Chef Mihran’s personal fave, the Half ‘n’ Half. Half of it has the tasty Zaatar, the other half, pure cheesiness! Once the toppings are added to the Joun, it’s folded and placed in a panini press where it comes out toasty and ready to be devoured!

Half ‘n’ Half Joun

Mihran not only comes form a long line of Lahmajoun bakers, he learned from his grandfather in the Middle East, he has over a decade of experience working in top bistros and pizzerias in both Montreal and Toronto. He believes in using fresh ingredients–and from the reaction of those who have eaten any one of the Jouns, that is the best route to take.

Chef and Owner Mihran

The Jouns are quite reasonable–they range in price from $3.50 to $6.50.
You can purchase the flatbreads, made fresh on the premise daily, on their own and try out some of your toppings at home.
Before you leave, be sure to purchase a container of the humus–made fresh! You can get regular humus ($3.00) or the week’s flavoured specialty humus ($3.50).

Mamajoun in Scarborough

Mamajoun is located at 209 Ellesmere Rd, Unit 6.
Sat. 9am – 7pm
Sun. 9am – 5pm
Tue. – Wed. – 9am – 7pm
Thu., Fri. 9am – 9pm

Another Joun Order

–Always Ashaw