Travel Pics #14: Exploring Gatineau Park

Quick Facts:
*The Gatineau Park welcomes more than 2.5 million visitors each year
*Hiking Trails: total length-165 km
*Cross country trails: total length-200 km

Witness it while you can!
There’s still some time left to see the beauty of Mother Nature as she sets the Gatineau Park ablaze with the fiery hues of the season. Mid to late October is the best time to view the changing colours of the foliage in the park.
Located in the national capital region, Gatineau Park is a gem that is home to more than 100 species of plants and wildlife that are at risk. It is 361 square kms of conservation park as well as a place where you can take in the scenery and activities offered all year ’round. From swimming to skiing or hiking to biking and all other activities in between, you can enjoy it all in Gatineau Park.

Glowing Red Leaves

What attracts so many visitors though is the display every year of the leaves changing colours during the fall time. If you haven’t experienced it, it’s about time you did! it’s quite a sight to behold. You’ll be mesmerized by the vivid colours while perched at a lookout….

The View From Huron Lookout

Or you can enjoy a hike though the trees on a number of the trails throughout the park.

Walking Along Lake Bourgeois

Of course you can just sit back and enjoy the view as you drive along the parkway.

A Scenic Drive

Don’t forget this is home to wildlife like deer, bears and the Eastern Coyote. On a recent visit I came across a number deer. While they were adorable, I kept my distance.

Oh ‘deer’!!

Even if you can’t make it in time to see the leaves changing colours remember, you can still enjoy all that Gatineau Park has to offer throughout the year.

Bursting With Colour


–Always Ashaw

Gatineau Park
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