Oh My Olive et Gourmando!

It has been too long!!
When I used to live in Ottawa, I’d travel to Montreal since it was just a quick day trip away. From visiting the site of Expo 67 to shopping in endless fashion boutiques, Montreal was the place to enjoy it all. If you wanted an assortment of great food–this was the place to find it too. Despite a lot of time passing, nothing has changed this fact. I had the pleasure of visiting Old Montreal recently and the pleasure was all mine since I not only rediscovered what the area has to offer from the night life to supporting the arts–but also what a fantastic assortment of creative dishes that are waiting to land on your taste buds. My go-to place during this visit was–Olive et Gourmando.
I very rarely visit a restaurant more than once when I travel. I like trying as many different places I can so I get a feeling of what the area is all about. I have to admit, I visited O+G on more than one occasion and you will see why….

Olive et Gourmando, Old Montreal

Surrounded by cobblestone streets and horse-drawn carriages, O+G fits in nicely with the charm of Old Montreal. This is helpful because more than likely you will have to wait for a table. The lineups are sometimes quite long. Words of wisdom from yours truly–don’t get discouraged as the wait is well worth it!
Once you make your way inside the tiny rustic restaurant, you can’t help but adopt the easy-going vibe despite being elbow to elbow or even sharing tables with strangers. I know what you’re thinking–BUT look at what you can enjoy…
When you enter, there are an assortment of pastries to choose from–I mean ALL kinds of sweets!!

Delicious Fresh Pastries

The menu includes The Hot Chicken. The flavourful roasted pulled chicken with green peas along with roasted shallots, cheese curds and crispy chicken skin are submerged in house-made gravy on toasted and buttered brioche bread.

Tasty Pulled Chicken

Don’t even think about passing on the O+G Grilled Cheese. The caramelized onions were just popping with flavour. Being the cheese lover that I am, I was in heaven enjoying melted Raclette and Gouda Beemster XO. The house-made ketchup on the side gave it that added little kick.

Not An Average Grilled Cheese

From the Brunch Menu, the Oeuf Coquette is the must-try item. You are presented with a wonderful medley that plays on your tongue. It consists of a poached egg, tomato, feta, crumbled chorizo, avocado and O+G’s grilled flatbread.


An item I highly recommend is the House-made Ricotta “Sweet”. I devoured this is no time! The house-made Ricotta is drizzled with honey, sprinkled with orange zest and then lightly dusted with Maldon salt. It is served with toast and is truly a work of art.

House-made Ricotta!

While the restaurant is small and there are lineups, the staff work like clockwork when it comes to getting patrons in and out quickly without anyone ever feeling rushed or forced to leave.
Despite being in tight quarters, the food assembly area is open which adds a sense of spaciousness.

Behind The Scenes

If you want a good, filling meal made with great ingredients or even if you just want to pick up a well made cup of coffee and a warm brownie, Olive et Gourmando will certainly not disappoint.

Fresh and Tasty

Olive et Gourmando
Open: 7 days per week 9:00am – 5:00pm
Location: 351 St. Paul West, Montreal

–Always Ashaw