Travel Pics #15: Year ‘Round Offerings at Montreal’s Jean-Talon Market

When travelling I always make a beeline to the local farmers’ markets. I enjoy seeing what the vendors have to offer and sometimes I find myself in interesting conversations with even more interesting people. On a recent trek to Montreal, Quebec, I made it a point to stop by Marché Jean-Talon to see just how much it had changed over the years. Just as I suspected, the market is still one of the best spots around to pick up fresh produce, a bite to eat to eat and of course to purchase a number of items that end up on your grocery list like…cheese.

Jean-Talon Market, Montreal

Originally called Marché du Nord when it opened back in 1933, the market was renamed in 1983 to Marché Jean-Talon. It is the go-to market for produce, meat, fish, cheese and baked goods.
Fromagerie Hamel is always a favourite. It’s among the 30 or so shops and restaurants located on the perimeter of the market. Stop in and try a sample or two of some of the cheeses that are sure to catch your eye. While there don’t forget to check out the assortment of oils and vinegars as well as crackers and spreads that will pair nicely with the cheeses.

La fromagerie Hamel

Throughout the open air market you will find a variety of spots to purchase meat and fish…

One Stop Shopping

And of course there is an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables throughout. Your eyes will feast upon the beautiful display of colours from the vibrant greens of the leeks…

Popping With Colour

…to the rich reds and oranges of peppers…


…to the outstanding orange of pumpkins that I was able to enjoy recently.

The Great Pumpkin!

While the market is not the oldest on the island, Lachine Market is, Marché Jean Talon is the most visited market pulling in around 1.2 million visitors each year.
As the cooler temperatures move in around mid-October, walls are erected around the market so it can stay open throughout the biting winter months.

Always Open

Hours of Operation
Monday – Wednesday 7:00 am – 6:00 pm
Thursday – Friday 7:00 am – 8:00 pm
Saturday 7:00 am -6:00 pm
Sunday 7:00 am -5:00 pm

— Always Ashaw