Travel Pics #16: Sensational Santos Tapas Bar

Santos Montreal, Quebec

I’m always looking.
Looking for a good tapas bar that offers up unique dishes and creative drinks instead of the same-old concoctions or ones that are made with ‘a slight twist’. I want to go somewhere I can sit back and enjoy the food, the music, the atmosphere and the company I am with. When I recently visited Old Montreal, I found that tapas bar. Its name…Santos.
The food served here is Spanish inspired. With all the streets in Old Montreal named after saints, its fitting the bar is named Santos–Saint in Spanish.
Let me tell you, there isn’t anything saintly about the sinfully good tapas and mixed drinks here…

Signature Cocktails

The mission of Santos:’Feed and Amuse’ Let’s take a look at how you will be amused first. When you enter the bar you can’t help but notice the eclectic pieces carefully displayed throughout. From the lovely chaise in the window to the galvanized ceiling, you already get the feel of just how ‘with-it’ Santos is. Next is the music–the music is just as eclectic as the decor. Beautiful songs I’ve never heard of, being sung in a language I couldn’t understand, but it didn’t matter at all since it all added to the atmosphere.
While I wanted to enjoy the evening from the window seat, my reserved table was actually in a better location–upstairs. Here I could perch and see what was going on down below. And of course I got a bird’s-eye view of what everyone ordered. Speaking of food–let’s move on to Santos’ next promise–to feed those who visit.
There is an assortment of great eats to choose from. When I visited I enjoyed a number of the offerings including the traditional Spanish dish-Paella, along with Chicken Wings and Shrimp Quesadillas.

A Variety of Tapas Available

And ladies, every Tuesday is ladies night! You get VIP treatment between 6pm and midnight when you purchase $25 of tapas.
This is a must visit spot again for me as there are so many more tapas on the menu that I am waiting to try. Let me know if you’ve stopped by Santos.

Santos Tapas Bar
191 St-Paul Ouest, Vieux Montreal
Open: Tuesday – Saturday 5:00pm

— Always Ashaw