Gravatar 128As far back as I can remember I always wanted to be a reporter. I enjoy listening to stories of others and I like telling stories too. Everyone has a memory, a moment in time that has affected them in some way and I always wanted to be that person to tell it. I strongly believe just sharing the tough times or joyous occasions, could help someone else.
Over the years this girl originally from Ottawa, with a Television Broadcasting diploma as well as a Journalism Print diploma under her belt, found herself living in Northern Ontario reporting on bears, forest fires and the daily life challenges residents encountered.
I ended up in Toronto as an On-Air Host at The Weather Network. While I learned about weather fronts and cloud formations, I still wanted to meet people and tell their stories. I had the opportunity to report locally which I took hold of. My journey has taken me from reporting, to managing, back to reporting to even going back to school and then hosting on-air part-time. What can I say but life happens!?! Through it all I have learned so much and met so many fascinating people who have great lessons to share. That’s what this blog is all about–sharing.
While life changes and challenges shape who you are, you should always remember to stay true to yourself.
Always Ashaw.