Take a look at my experience of some of the places I have visited, books I have read or recipes I have tried.

Travel Pics #17: Caribbean Paradise: Guadeloupe – Club Med

Looking for a Caribbean island with white sandy beaches where you can just sit back and relax while listening to the waves roll in? Then beautiful Guadeloupe is the spot for you. I had the opportunity to check out the area during a visit in early May while staying at Club Med-Caravelle.
Guadeloupe is part of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean. It consists of two main islands, Basse-Terre to the west and Grande-Terre to the east. The two islands are separated by a narrow strait. The official language spoken is French but you will also hear some Antillean Creole.

Travel Pics #16: Sensational Santos Tapas Bar

Santos Montreal, Quebec

I’m always looking.
Looking for a good tapas bar that offers up unique dishes and creative drinks instead of the same-old concoctions or ones that are made with ‘a slight twist’. I want to go somewhere I can sit back and enjoy the food, the music, the atmosphere and the company I am with. When I recently visited Old Montreal, I found that tapas bar. Its name…Santos.
The food served here is Spanish inspired. With all the streets in Old Montreal named after saints, its fitting the bar is named Santos–Saint in Spanish.
Let me tell you, there isn’t anything saintly about the sinfully good tapas and mixed drinks here…

Cooking Up Some Great Gifts

Looking for a gift for that hard to buy for someone on your list? What about that foodie who seems to have everything? Here are some of my cookbook picks that are perfect for gift giving. They are great for that Master Chef as well as the beginner who doesn’t even know how to crack an egg. These cookbooks have beautiful photos and easy-to follow recipes. Add a bow with some cooking utensils and you’ll be invited to many dinner parties to come.

Practical Paleo Tips and Recipes

The Paleo Kitchen

If you’re ever scratching your head wondering what gift would be perfect for me, here’s a hint– a cookbook. I’m game for a good cookbook that has recipes I will actually try. That’s why I picked up this one…The Paleo Kitchen-Finding Primal Joy in Modern Cooking. I don’t strictly follow any one particular eating plan, I just enjoy good food, so I decided to add this cookbook to my collection. The recipes are brought to us by two powerhouse Paleo bloggers: Juli Bauer and George Bryant. The Paleo Diet, also known as the Caveman Diet to many in basic terms, refers to what foods to eat to not only nourish the body but help heal it too. Juli and George breakdown what eating Paleo is, if it’s right for you and how to get started.

Travel Pics #15: Year ‘Round Offerings at Montreal’s Jean-Talon Market

When travelling I always make a beeline to the local farmers’ markets. I enjoy seeing what the vendors have to offer and sometimes I find myself in interesting conversations with even more interesting people. On a recent trek to Montreal, Quebec, I made it a point to stop by Marché Jean-Talon to see just how much it had changed over the years. Just as I suspected, the market is still one of the best spots around to pick up fresh produce, a bite to eat to eat and of course to purchase a number of items that end up on your grocery list like…cheese.

Oh My Olive et Gourmando!

It has been too long!!
When I used to live in Ottawa, I’d travel to Montreal since it was just a quick day trip away. From visiting the site of Expo 67 to shopping in endless fashion boutiques, Montreal was the place to enjoy it all. If you wanted an assortment of great food–this was the place to find it too. Despite a lot of time passing, nothing has changed this fact. I had the pleasure of visiting Old Montreal recently and the pleasure was all mine since I not only rediscovered what the area has to offer from the night life to supporting the arts–but also what a fantastic assortment of creative dishes that are waiting to land on your taste buds. My go-to place during this visit was–Olive et Gourmando.
I very rarely visit a restaurant more than once when I travel. I like trying as many different places I can so I get a feeling of what the area is all about. I have to admit, I visited O+G on more than one occasion and you will see why….

Jouns Just Like Mama Made at Mamajoun!

Ingredients for the Perfect Joun

Made fresh, made fast and affordable. That’s what you can expect when you place an order at Mamajoun Armenian Pizzeria located in Scarborough, Ontario. The Lahmajoun, also known as an Armenian pizza, is made with a thin crust. The dough is made and baked fresh every day and is also used to make the various Jouns.

Nothing Common About Common Good Beer Co.

Common Good Beer Co. in Scarborough, ON

Around a year ago things started ‘hop-ping’ at a craft brewery in Scarborough, Ontario when Common Good Beer Co. opened its doors to the public. Not only does Common Good produce its own beer, it is also a contract brewery. There is enough room here to help local craft brewers produce their beer too. The partner brewers have complete control over the brewing and packaging of their brands. Common Good also offers up assistance in many ways including recipe development and logistics.

The Buzzing ByWard Market

Ottawa’s ByWard Market
Fun Facts:
*Every weekend in the Summer, close to 50, 000 visitors visit the ByWard Market
*It is home to more than 600 businesses
*George and York Streets were designed extra wide to accommodate a public market

If you didn’t make it to the nation’s capital to mark Canada Day, it should be on your bucket list of places to visit. I might be a little biased, considering it is my hometown, but none-the-less I’m sure no one will disagree when I say you have walk through the ByWard Market and see all that it has to offer.

Travel Pics #12: Take a Bite Out of The Big Apple

The Big Apple in Colborne, Ontario

Did you know you can visit The Big Apple, without even leaving Canada? You can, so start spreading the news!!
Around 135 km east of Toronto, Ontario is the town of Colborne located in Cramahe Township. There you will find what the township claims to be The World’s Biggest Apple!!
According to the township, more than five thousand visitors drop by The Big Apple everyday. When I was there, more than five million pies had been sold…and counting!!